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Our Favourite Spring Trends of 2017

Spring is one of our favourite seasons and it’s not hard to work out why. The re-awakening of nature, occasional bursts of sunshine, and the smell of freshly cut grass, are all inspiration for some beautiful updates to refresh the home. In homage to this beautiful season, we take a look at some of our favourite trends we’ve seen this Spring.

Tropical leaf

Tropical leaf

When Pantone named “Greenery” colour of the year for 2017, we couldn’t wait for the arrival of Spring so that we could inject its lively zest into our homes. Without a doubt, our favourite use of the colour has been in the tropical leaf. Flamboyant foliage is not a trend exclusive to this season, or even this year, but the warmer months have brought with them a new injection of vibrant colour to replace the sultry shades from 2016. The bright Snake Plants and speciality palms have joined the fiddle fig and cacti to fill our homes with natures finest, and brightest.

If you don’t have the space or time to dedicate to a hot houseplant, think about leaf print. We’ve seen this bold fusion of colour and pattern effortlessly make its way into every aspect of our homes. If you’re thinking of making a statement to your Spring refresh, consider bold print curtains or wall art. Or, if you want to make less of a splash, and more of a discreet tribute to the trend, think about flexible furnishings such as leaf print cushions.

Colour of the moment

Colour of the moment

From vibrant Greenery to subtle sage; our colour of the moment was an obvious choice. Gorgeous greens have been springing up everywhere with the new season, and we can’t get enough.

Thanks to the versatile nature of this colour, our homes have been introduced to the darkest and lightest ends of the Green palette, and every hue in between. Not only have we seen the range of shades enter our homes, but on a plethora of interior platforms, from splashes of colour on neutral soft furnishings, to bold statement walls. Take a look at some of our favourites here.

Whilst adapting your home with every trend would be time-consuming and, let’s face it, not easy on the purse strings, green is a timeless classic; a colour that looks just as fresh today as it did ten years ago, and as it will in ten years time. If you’re thinking of a room refresh, consider incorporating green into your furniture, with some beautiful copper detailing, to create an ageless look that is designed to stand the test of time. Our Hardy Furniture Cup Handles add a traditional elegance with a modern twist to furniture and are the perfect pairing with green furniture.

Tasteful Terracotta


Terracotta not only boasts practical properties, but also provides an endearing imperfection to the home this Spring. Whilst Terracotta is one of the warmest materials we’ve seen this season, it pairs perfectly with both cooler white, and earthier, wooden tones. Tiles, pots for faux vines, or even just the colour, are all great examples of how we have seen Terracotta add a natural, Boho chic style to homes this spring.

Easy DIY projects

Easy DIY

DIY projects are far from a seasonal activity, but we love any excuse to get our thinking caps on about how we can create great additions to the home, in line with our favourite trends. When it comes to DIY, bigger furniture doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger challenge. In fact, upcycling neglected sideboards or cupboards into shabby chic statements can often be just as easy as the smaller projects. We’ve come up with these six simple steps to remind you how easy it is to give those forgotten furnishings a little bit of love for Spring;

Sand down to provide a smooth surface

Prime and paint – Usually two coats of each is enough

Rub away paint with sandpaper to create a distressed finish

Invest in high quality fixtures

New handles or knobs can provide the perfect finishing touch

Give yourself a pat on the back. Sit back and enjoy your finished upcycle.

When it comes to the smaller projects, think about enhancing the smaller details on existing furnishings with a new finish. A finish that has secured itself in every season this year is the glowing metal, copper. Spray paint is a simple, cost-effective way to add luxurious detailing quickly. If you have embraced the tropical trend, why not spray a couple of the twigs within your display with a captivating copper finish? Or, maybe you want to bring a forgotten mug or coaster back to life with some subtle shine. Take a look here for a few more ideas on how to create simple small DIY inspo.