Interior Trends 2017

5 interior design trends to watch in 2017

In 2016 we saw the rise of polished metals, shabby chic furniture and warm rosy-hues, and while we expect to see many of these trends in 2017, interior design is ever evolving.

Now, we know that very few people change their home as often as trends change, as it can be an expensive, time-consuming and down-right exhausting process. By re-decorating your living space entirely with every change in season, you won’t allow it to develop the soul and life-blood that makes your house a home. However, we’ve found that a few simple accessory upgrades are a fantastic way to bring your space bang on trend, without breaking the bank and keeping it still, all-importantly, you.

So, without further ado, these are the 5 biggest interior design trends we expect to see this year, and a few tips on how to introduce them into your home in a hassle-free way.


Sustainability and ethically sourced materials

The rise of the conscious consumer is changing the way we buy our food, choose our beauty products and decorate our home. More and more of us are looking for home décor solutions that last, opting to look ahead, focusing on quality materials that will meet our future needs. There’s also been a rise in our requirement for multi-functional accessories that serve many purposes, whether that’s decorative hooks for hanging utensils, cup handles for storage or beautiful bottle stoppers. Ultimately, for a modern consumer, the style needs to be transferable, the materials long-lasting and the uses limitless.

Easy ways to try this style:

– Opt for earth-friendly packaging
– Get inventive with creative recycling
– Invest in high quality materials that will stand the test of time.


Monochrome with bold accents

Monochromatic colour palettes are en vogue for 2017, with everything from pebble grey (like these beautiful Oslo knobs in grey) to midnight black finding their place in the home. The blogging circuit have exhibited their preference for crisp white surfaces, paired with ashy wooden materials and prominent metallic features for the ultimate Scandi style.

The bold starkness of solid black is also expected to feature heavily among leading interior specialists, with Abigail Ahern noting her love of a dark, moody palette. Bright accent colours are set to feature within the monochrome trend, offering a refreshing and eye-catching pop of colour to a dark space. This is the perfect way to update your home through the seasons, with your monochrome palette complimenting a huge variety of pastel and acrylic flashes of colour.

So, whether home-owners choose to adopt the dark-side entirely, or prefer to accentuate with a few bold, black features, we’re confident that the monochrome palette will find its place in UK homes in 2017.

Easy ways to try this style:

– Match white furniture with wooden handles
– Opt for warm grey tones, the nation’s favourite neutral
– Add one or two bursts of colour with furniture and accessories


Marble and metallic

When it comes to timeless style, marble stands almost undisputedly at the forefront of kitchen design. Its classic elegance and associations with quality and durability make it a favourite for kitchen worktops, and we are increasingly seeing it included in home accessories too, including lighting, handles, tables and even photo frames.

One of our favourite things about marble is its versatility against a variety of finishes. Metallic touches bring it bang up to date, adding a contemporary edge to the old-timey elegance of the rich veins of dark grey and black. Copper is maintaining its position as the metal of the moment, so pairing with marble will make your home the envy of the neighbourhood. Whereas a cool, polished chrome will keep your style simple and classic, a timeless centrepiece for years to come.

Easy ways to try this style:

– Marble worktops can be expensive, don’t be afraid to go faux! There are some fantastic dupes on the market.
– Pair white marble with copper accessories for a trendy design
– Match dark marble with brushed or polished silver finishes


Jewel tones

In 2017 we’re expecting a rise in the use of jewel tones in furniture, paint and decorative finishes.

From precious metal and stones, to raw-cut quartz, lucite and opal finishes, we predict that small touches of jewels and natural materials will grow in popularity, especially in the bedroom and bathroom spaces.

We’ll also see a rise in transparent fabrics, floaty silks and chiffon and delicate sheers creating soft, feminine lightness alongside this trend. Layering will be of utmost importance here, allowing homeowners to design their space to exude whatever mood they choose. Deep jade, luscious ruby and peaceful sapphire are a great place to start, especially when experimenting with fabrics and painted furniture

Easy ways to try this style:

– Try shades of jade, emerald and sage to make the most of Pantone’s colour of the year: Greenery
– Pair bold jewel tones with edgy industrial textures – iron, copper and gold work beautifully
– Try different textures. Materials like velvet, suede, silk and leather all have different properties that add a statement to your home.


Industrial finishes

Industrial finishes are making a comeback in 2017. Think exposed brickwork, decorative iron pipes, exposed sliding door gear, chunky matte finishes. While warm metals like copper, rose-gold and brass will retain their popularity throughout the year, we’re expecting to see a rise in lesser-use materials, such as iron, bronze and glass.

As part of this trend, super polished, perfect finishes will be swapped for imperfect, brushed finishes, and materials that develop over time. Copper is the perfect example of a material that improves with age, developing a beautiful, unique patina the more it’s handled.

Easy ways to try this style:

– Pair chunky black iron materials with worn wooden furniture
– Expose your storage with hanging rails and statement knobs
– Alternate between clashing metallic, using brass, silver and copper interchangeably throughout your space