Upcycle with handles

3 New Ways To Upcycle With Handles

Here at Sarah Beeny Home, we’re passionate about making the most of your belongings, and creative recycling is a great way to do this. Often it’s just a few finishing touches and some elbow grease needed to fix up your fixer-upper. We’ve taken a look at three of our favourite ways to use handles to create something new. If you have any ideas about other ways to use handles, we would love to hear them! Please just contact us.


  1. Chalkboard:

Chalkboard with Handles

Having a chalkboard in your home is a super convenient way to make shopping lists, leave notes and keep ahead of events in your calendar. However, keeping hold of your chalk is sometimes not as easy as keeping track of your shopping list, as they are prone to going missing or breaking. Fixing some upside down cup handles to your chalkboard is a great way to keep your chalk in place, whilst offering a stylish finish too.

Watch Sarah Beeny create this upcycled chalkboard today:

2. Jewellery Holder:

Jewellery Holder with handles

Photo by Liz Marie Blog & Better Homes and Gardens

A jewellery holder is a great way to store your jewellery in a safe and stylish way, making sure they don’t tangle, break or get lost. These fantastic examples use a flat, thin piece of wood, with an affixed canvas overlay attached either by strong glue or staples. We think you could keep the wood finish too if you like a more rustic look. Simply use your electric drill to fix your handles and arrange your jewellery however you like. Easy!

3. Serving Tray:

Tray with handlesMarble Tray With HandlesSlate Tray With Handles

Photos by Antique Farmhouse, Adventino, Houzz,

Creating a serving tray with handles is really easy with big reward! You can use a variety of materials, whether that’s a plank of wood, a piece of slate-roofing or a slab of beautiful marble. Simply drill your holes and screw in your chosen handles. Period classics look great with marble, whereas the modern life collection offers simplicty and class, you can find both in our Style Ranges.


Are there any other upcycling with handles ideas you can think of? We’re always looking for great ways to bring furniture back to life, so please get in touch!